Summer Fun & Sailing June 3rd-28th 2011


Hey guys,

I have found a couple of other people going on this tour - WHO ELSE? ;D ;D

There are some awesome tips on here from older posts… very handy!




I’m coming on it and would love to talk to a few people before it begins!!

So excited for it! YAY :slight_smile:



Hi Ally, I think there is a FB page somewhere for this trip… Have a read of all the other posts, they are quite helpful.

12 weeks to go, looking forward to meeting you! :slight_smile:


Hey there guys, Just booked this trip and looking to see who is coming in when and if anybody else is staying at the clink prior.



Hey Chewie,
I have been slack on checking FB and this site, so sorry for the late reply!!
My boyfriend Pete and myself are staying at the Clink the night before the tour and the night we get back.
I attempted to create a FB group/page for this but I am so bad on knowing what to do I kinda gave up. LOL.
Am looking forqard to meeting you! :slight_smile: