Summer Fun & Sailing June 3rd-28th 2011


Hi all!

My partner and I are going on this tour, and was wondering who else is going?

I have just been reading other blogs about this trip - there are so many great tips.


Sarah :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

I’m Sarah as well lol and I’m booked onto this tour too - a friend of mine did it last year and had an absolute blast so i can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah, ;D
I’m sure there will be a few other Sarah’s - so I will most likely use my nickname… to most I’m known as Melville! B-) Awesome to hear another person doing the same tour as us!
You should read all the older posts from those who have done the same one… soo much information - GOOD AND BAD! :stuck_out_tongue:

We dont have long to go now… Are you staying at the Clink Hostel before & after the tour?


My friend and I are staying at the Clink Hostel before and after the tour as well!!


sweet sounds good - we will catch up at the clink the night before our tour :slight_smile:


Ahh can’t wait! ;D


Not long to go now… :slight_smile:


I know! 12 weeks to go :slight_smile:


has anyone checked out the FB link?