Summer Fun + Sailing June 3rd 2011


Hello everyone! My friend and I are going on the summer fun+ sailing on June 3rd and we wanted to know who else is going!! ;D We are so excited.


Hi - i’m also going on this tour!! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m going on this tour with my boyfriend. We are pretty excited - can’t wait. :-[

It’s awesome to see some people from California! B-) ;D


Hi everyone, I’m also going on this tour. I’m travelling alone and wanting to know who I’ll be travelling with. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.


Ahhh so excited to hear from people going on the trip :slight_smile: It’s coming up really fast and I can not wait to meet everyone!!


How old are you guys? My boyfriend Pete is 25 & I’m 24.
We are really looking forward to meeting everyone ;D


Hey guys! Myself and my friend are also going on this tour…we are 20 and 21 from Perth, Australia :slight_smile: Staying at Clink before and after.
Getting so excited!!!


Hey guys

i made a discussion page thing for our tour on the topdeck facebook page if you want to check it out:!/topic.php?uid=21508152068&topic=17149

would be cool to maybe meet a few of you through facebook seeing as i’m also travelling solo :slight_smile:

i’m planning on staying at the clink before the tour as well!



we’re both 19 and staying at the clink hostel before and after the trip too :slight_smile:


That’s awesome - have you found anyone else travelling on the same trip?

I haven’t checked out the FB page, but will have a look after work :slight_smile:


12 weeks to go people!! :wink:


just checked out the FB page - i attempted to create a group on FB for us, but not sure if it workd haha


What’s the link for the group on FB?


Hey there guys, also on this trip, when does everyone get into London?

is the discussion page, but the group i dont really know how to work it. feel free to start one up if u r FB savvy!! unlike me lol.

See you guys at the Clink the night before our tour!