Summer fun & sailing June 28th 2016


Anybody travelling from London or getting to London a few days before the tour starts?


I’m arriving in London on the 26th travelling from Sydney. So excited !!!


Can’t wait, I’m arriving from Perth:)


Are you staying at Wombats ? When are you arriving


No accommodation booked yet, arriving the saturday night you?


Arriving Early Sunday morning. Staying at wombats. Are you travelling alone?


Yeah I am! Can’t wait, going to be so good:)


Me and a mate are leaving Sydney arriving in London on the 26th really early morning. Unfortunately The Wombat was booked out so we’re staying at a hostel about 15 minutes away. Super keen!


yeah I managed to get a room in the Wombat but same as you guys, can’t wait to go over


Im also on this tour!! So excited not long now!! :grinning:


Im also on this tour :slight_smile:


get excited only like 9 weeks to go

Join this group guys it was made for our tour group!! Xxx