Summer Fun & Sailing June 27th


Hey Guys! Just wondering if anyone is doing the summer fun and sailing starting June 27th? I am travelling solo from Australia and wanting to find out who else is going! :slight_smile:


Hey @taylacessford ! :smile:
Im booked on this trip as well, also travelling by myself.

Where abouts in Aus are you from, Im from Melbourne!


Hey @stephanieneck !
I’m travelling from Brisbane, Queensland! What date are you leaving?


@taylacessford I leave Melbourne on the 22nd of June and arrive into London on the 23rd :slight_smile:
I’ve got 2 nights in a hotel then 2 nights in the Wombats hostel for pre accommodation before the tour. What about you?


@stephanieneck I think I’m leaving on the 25th of June and arriving the 26th! Still finalising everything :slight_smile: Hopefully we can catch up at the pre hostel accommodation


@taylacessford Sounds good ! I think there is a few of us getting there a few days early :slight_smile:


Hi guys, Ive just booked on the last leg of this trip (European escape) so will be joining you from the 14th of July in Venice! Can’t wait!!!
Doing another tour beforehand and then ending my trip on this one. I’m from Melbourne and travelling solo. Has anyone spoken to others from the group so far?