Summer Fun & Sailing June 2013!


Hi there,
Just wanting some feedback on the Summer Fun & Sailing tour. Im 20 years old and it will be my first big holiday overseas by myself. After reading some posts i now understand that alot of people are like me :slight_smile:
It will be my 21st birthday over there in june next year so im definitely looking for a partying tour but still have a bit of time to recover.
Also i have always wanted to go to Spain so im looking at ‘Spanish fiesta’ tour also.

Any feedback or info please ;D


first i would like to say Happy birthday dear!!! for Spanish fiesta tour you could contact to any one of the travel agents like Skyscanner, Expedia and Dear Flight as well.


I’m also 20 (will be 21 when I go to Europe) and I’m going to Europe from June-august next year by myself… Will you still be in Europe in mid July? Because I will be in Spain by myself then… :slight_smile:


Hi there, that’s so good to know!!! Yeah depending on how much time I can get off work I would spend July over there as well. Are you doin a tour of Spain or just winging it?
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


I’m considering this tour it looks incredible but the same sex sleeping arrangements has put me off as I’m traveling with my boyfriend. Does anyone know if there’s a way around this?


Hi Michelle, my brother and his girlfriend went on this tour earlier this year and they stayed together. They said it was unbelievable!!