Summer fun & sailing July-August


Hi there, my name is Dev & I’m heading over to Europe on the summer fun & sailing trip. I’m travelling alone from NZ & am looking to see if anyone else has signed onto this trip yet! Looking to make some friends before heading over! Can’t wait for this, super excited about the trip!


Hi Dev! My name’s Hannah, from NZ and I am also planning on doing this trip solo in July! What date are you going? I’m planning for the 10th July. Always nice to know someone before hand when travelling solo!


My names lauren and I’m from australia. I’m going on this trip solo but the one leaving August 24. A little bit later but just incase you change your mind and go a little later! :slight_smile: @Hannah_C @DevonBrooke


Hannah! Ahh that’s so cool my trip leaves on the 6th of July so like 4 days earlier than yours, should jump on that trip :wink: ahhh it is so reassuring when you already know a person. Super nervous tbh. I’ll be over there from the 3rd July to 3rd of August!


Hey lauren! That’s so cool but I’ve already booked my flights :frowning: I hope you have a super time on your trip & if you have any questions let me know cause I’ll have all the details for ya :slight_smile:


im doing the one that leaves the 3rd of july!!


Omg I arrive on the third! I swear there’s so many that leave within days! Would’ve been cool to know someone who was on mine! Enjoy chickie!!