Summer Fun & Sailing July 8th 2011


Hi All, Anyone else doing this tour? Just booked it the other day now can’t wait for it to start.


Hey I have booked on this tour too . I’m so excited can’t wait . Where abouts are you staying in London before the tour starts ?


Hey Veronica, good to hear from somone doing the tour. Havent fully planned our hoilday as of yet but me and my girlfriend are planning to join the tour from paris. You travelling with anyone else?


Hey haven’t booked it yet, but this is my number one choice at the moment. I’ll most likely be travelling by myself haha.
Do you’s know what you’re doing before and after it yet?
The tour doesn’t go to Berlin or Barcelona so if I have money I might go somewhere there after


Hey I’m travelling alone abit nervous . >Daniel, I’m staying at the click hostel in London before the trip I arrived on the 7th and then after the tour I’m staying in London for 3 nights n then heading to Athens to do the 10 day Greek island hopper with topdeck . Are you Guys doing any other tours with topdeck ?


Not doing any other tours but before the tour we are planning to stay in london for 3-4 days then travel to Barcelona or Nice in france, then make our way up from there to Paris then join the tour. 10 day greece island hopper looked awesome too. Nothing to be nervous about cuz least you know someone now lol, how old are u guys neways?


Yea I am happy I know ppl now lol . I’m 21 yourself ?

  1. Who u flying with to London? Not qantas I hope lol


Lol not qantas . Flying with emirates hopefully their good never flown with them . Who you flying with . Where you staying in london ?


either flying with emirates or thai. I have relatives in england so hopefully going to be staying with them while we are there. Emirates are really good, u got nothing to worry bout with them. is this ur first tour or have u done some b4? This is our first one so should be good fun, looking forward to making loads of new friends


Nope never done any tours before this will be my first one . Me to so excited can’t wait :slight_smile:



I have booked this tour with a friend, and we are really excited to go on holidays! we haven’t got rest for 2 years, we were studying hard and this is to celebrate our graduation!!! i really hope it’s gonna be awesome! :slight_smile:
see you all there! :wink:

"holidays, best thing in life! :)"
cool stuff:


Awesome. Is it July yet? Haha


Hey I’m going on this tour too but in April :smiley: I’m arriving on Sunday 24 April with Etihad before the tour starts on the 29th… ;D Cannot wait! I’ll probably be staying with friends too before I leave then I plan to stay in London after the tour to work on the youth mobility visa…2 years in Europe so the tour is just my warm up! hahaha. Solo travelling but hope to make lots of friends on the tour. Lucky for me I’m not shy and I love being arounds lots of people :wink:

What part of the tour are you looking forward to the most?? I’m really looking forward to Rome, Greek sailing, Croatia and Prague ;D

I’m gonna do the same thing as you EV… I’m planning another smaller trip to Spain and then another one to the Eastern countries eg. Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania…


im not doing any other tours, but Greek island hopper looks heaps good. and im 19 years old, i got family in England too so ill be staying with them a bit after the tour,
but before and for a bit after i want to stay in a hostel to meet people
does anyone know some cheap but good ones in london?

NatalieS - im keen for the Greek sailing, i think it will be heaps fun =)


I’m staying at the click hostel it’s 21 pound a night . I know ev can’t wait yol July . Summer in Europe can’t wait :slight_smile:


The greek sailing part on the summer fun and sailing tour should be amazing - was thinking of going back and doing some more sailing up the croatian coast afterwards too…so much untouched history in that area :slight_smile: Wish I had family in London but I suppose dossing on a friend’s friends couch will do me :smiley:


Anyone buying euros while it’s good to the Aussie dollar?


yep I did . I only converted $2000 aus dollars n got $1400 euro . Not sure if I should convert more or wait til early next year.


I havent’ converted any money yet… and I’m of two minds on the matter…not sure what to do honestly…