Summer Fun & Sailing End of July-Aug 2017



I am about to book a trip to do the Summer Fun and Sailing at the end of July through to August.

I am travelling alone from New Zealand & would love to know if there are any other solos out there looking for a travel friend :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I have just booked the Summer Fun & Sailing Trip leaving 28th of July traveling solo from Australia. Is this the trip you were looking at or booked? :slight_smile:



Yes I have booked as well! :slight_smile:


Oh awesome!! Glad I’m not the only solo traveller. When do you arrive in London? :blush:


Me too :blush:

Im not booking my tickets until the trip is ‘guarenteed’ but hoping to be there a couple days before! What about you?


My travel agent said it will more then likely go because it’s the middle of summer, so I have flights booked, I arrive in London on the 25th of July. :blush:


Hey guys! Im Chantelle, from New Zealand and thinking about booking this trip too, im a solo traveler and plan on staying on afterwards for up to 6 months :slight_smile:


Hi Chantelle!

Im from NZ too, in Auckland. Where abouts are you?


I’m from Auckland (north shore), but have been living in Christchurch for the past year! I’m still tossing up between this one and the European pioneer!


Hey !

Me and my best friend are trying to decide what dates to pick and this is our favourite !!

We’re both kiwis and can’t wait for the adventures and hanging out with cool people