Summer Fun & Sailing Departing 31st May


Just booked for Summer Fun & Sailing 31st May - 25th June.

Anyone else booked yet??


Well fancy seeing you here Jodes! Not sure what your plans are after this, but I am in Scotland (mostly Edinburgh) from the 25th-1st if you wanna come up? :slight_smile: Ra x


I just booked on this tour can not wait to get there and meet new people.


Just booked this tour as well. I can’t wait to tour Europe and meet people.

I hope there are a couple of foodies on this trip that are down to eat up Europe!


I am totally keen to eat up Europe I can not wait.


Getting closer now! Are you both travelling by yourselves? I am! Can’t wait to meet people :slight_smile:

And experiencing lots of food in Europe is a must!


Yer I am travelling by myself. I can not wait the time is going by so fast.


Hey guys :slight_smile: Yayy I’ve booked this trip too. Also traveling solo. Very excited to see Europe, meet some awesome people and eat up big :slight_smile: I’ll be staying at the Clink on the 30th.


39 days to go it is going so quickly.