Summer Fun & Sailing - Depart 2nd Aug


Hey everyone :slight_smile: my partner and me have booked this tour for guaranteed departure on the 2nd August. Super KEEN!!! Are there any other couples going on this tour, same date ???


Hey Tash, Me and my boyfriend are booked on this tour too! good to know ther will be another couple :slight_smile: so excited! where are you guys from?


Hi Shannon, I am super keen for this trip and meet everyone as well. Can’t believe its in like 7 weeks :slight_smile: We are from Wollongong, about 1hr away from Sydney in Australia. What about you guys??


We are from Papamoa, a beachside town in NZ a couple of hours from Auckland.
How old are you guys? are you just doing the tour then heading back to Aussie or do you have more travel plans?


That’s awesome, never been NZ but a friend of ours might be moving there in another few months, so you never know! We are actually heading over a little earlier to tour London for a bit, then we fly home the day after the tour. I’m 25 and my partner is 26. What about you guys?


Cool, I’m 26 and my partner is 22.
I am doing some travel in America with my sister, then meeting my boyfriend in New York before heading to London. He is going hunting & building in Canada whilst we are in the states.
We have got 2 year work visas for the UK so will be staying on after the tour.


That is awesome, woah 2 years! That sounds like a massive trip/visa for you guys. Heaps of people we know have gone over to Canada to work its really popular. We are planning Hawaii next year then hopefully New York etc. heaps jealous!! lol but one day :slight_smile: Did you guys receive your paperwork from topdeck yet??


yeah we cant wait :sunglasses: Hawaii will be awesome!
No we haven’t received anything yet my travel agent said you usually get it 1 month before?
Do you guys have yours?


never been so i am super excited, have you ever been anywhere in Europe before? this is our first time there. I think we just got ours so I will go and pick it up this weekend. It feels more real now :grin:


Na neither of us have been to Europe before either. Add me on Facebook :stuck_out_tongue: Shannon Halse


Hi Ladies!
sorry to but in on the convo haha, my partner and I are also on this trip! We’re coming from Melbourne and Im also from Tauranga! How exciting!


Hi Chanitah, no this is good don’t be silly. . more couples on the trip woohoo!! Can you believe we have 6 more weeks to go??


Thats awesome! How old are you and your partner Chanitah? are you doing any other travel before/ after?
Yes not long now! Natasha, I picked up our travel documents yesterday :slight_smile: woohooo


21 & 22! soooo excited!


ohh yeahh!! feels so real once you have your paperwork :slight_smile: lots to read up on, and how about the tipping over there. I wouldn’t know what to tip on or how much. Atleast the dollar is a bit better this month so fingers crossed it keeps getting better :slight_smile:


Hi guys!
Thought I’d bump in on this thread :slight_smile: - my partner and I are also booked in on this trip! Cannot believe we go in TWO WEEKS!! We are super excited to meet everyone. We are from Bondi in Sydney AUS and are 26 & 24. When do you guys get in to London? We are staying at the Wombats hostel the night before, would be awesome to meet some of you before we head off!?


Hi :slight_smile: so pumped as well its gone so fast… well we are from wollongong AUS and we are 26 and 25. Super keen to meet everyone as well. We actually fly in on the 30th july so we’ll be in London for a few days before hand but a catch up before hand sounds awesome. We arent staying at the hostel we are staying in Bloomsbury about 15 mins from the hostel.


Oh you’re practically just around the corner from us! We fly from Sydney on the 31st - let me know if you’re keen on meeting up before, if not we’ll obviously get to meet you the morning of the tour anyway! I can’t wait for some warm weather and sunshine, it’s been so cold here. What are you guys looking forward to the most??


Yeah we are heaps close, crazy to see where everyone is from. It’s going to be so exciting and tbh I am not sure what we are most looking forward to. . for me I just think seeing all the countries and going through Greece & Croatia is going to be really cool :slight_smile: What about you??
I’d be keen to meet up the night before for dinner & drinks or something, I think it’s a 6am meet up time so can’t be too hungover hahaha.


Hey Epo! We are staying at wombats the night before/ tonight! Haha. Add me on Facebook and message me if you get this and we can meet at the bar downstairs or something :slight_smile: Shannon Halse