Summer fun + Sailing depart 21 Jun 2011


Hi just wanted to no if any one has booked the Summer fun + Sailing trip departing on the 21st of June 2011. I am travelling alone and keen to find out who else is on the same trip :).


Hey Astrid

i did this tour last year so if you have any questions let me know :slight_smile:



Hi Astrid, >:(

My boyfriend and I are going on the same tour, but ours starts on the 3rd June. I know that is no help to you!!! - but I’m sure you will click with all the people on the tour really quickly, and you will have a blast! Are you staying at the clink hostel before and after your trip? B-)


Cool thanks guys!

I am sure I will find some friends ha ha ha :P. But was looking at staying there before the trip starts to get to know some people, so I am glad you said that too. Thanks again Astrid


Hi Astrid,
Have you changed trips now that that one has been canceled?
I was originally traveling those dates also but have swapped over to June 24th