Summer Fun & Sailing - August 2018


Hi! My names Lauren, I’m 22 from Australia. Doing the Summer fun & sailing trip from the 24 August until the 19th sep!! Anyone else travelling on these dates? First time solo traveller and I’m super nervous!


Hey Lauren! I’ve been looking for awhile and decided on Summer Fun and Sailing as it has the Greek Islands :star_struck: I haven’t locked in a date yet… august is meant to be the peak time but beautiful weather!


Hey Matt, exact reason I chose this one was for the Greek islands and Croatia! Cannot wait! I figured the end of August would be perfect weather and perfect amount of people too hopefully! Let me know if you book :smile:


Yesss, Dubrovnik has always been on the top of my list!! :slight_smile: are you going earlier? I’ve been thinking about getting into London a few days early, staying in Airbnb’s! maybe even do a random trip somewhere not on the tour! Flights to Ireland are only $80


Yep I’m heading into London on the 22nd :blush: also looking at airbnbs! Don’t think I’ll have enough time to go anywhere else but will definitely be exploring around London! :blush: let me know if you get into London earlier!


At this stage I’m hoping on flying out of Melb on the 18th, getting into London on the 20th… airbnbs are pricey in London, ive been looking over the last few days :slight_smile: so I was thinking a Hostel like (wombats) they look fun. Then maybe just take in London for a few days… also been playing with the idea of ending the trip in Amsterdam the day before and spending more time there :blush: so many options! Love to meet people before the trip as its my first solo lol


Ive been looking at this trip on that date too! :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! I was thinking of staying in Amsterdam a couple days after too originally but I’m flying out of London 2 days after our trip ends. Haha that’s why I posted on here, get to know some people before the trip as it’s my first solo too!!! Super excited but so super nervous!


Sounds good Tenielle! Definitely book in these dates :wink: let me know if you do!!


Definitely going with these dates!


I’m looking at this tour myself and also these dates. Solo traveler at this stage… Have done Road Trip USA through Topdeck back in 2015, was the best time of my life and met so many amazing friends!! Looking forward to doing the same again but with Europe :slight_smile: yay!


Perfect!! I’m so excited!! I’m glad you’ve replied to my post, keen to have a bit of a chat before the trip takes off :slight_smile: so good!!


So good to hear! These dates are gonna be the best. Haha I’m glad, I’m super nervous but everyone tells me I’ll make heaps of friends! Deffs book these dates! :smiley: europe will be amazing!


What i did with my USA tour is, made a FB page for the tour. It was the best. So I think i’ll do it again. Only a few people joined it before the tour, but we’re all still really good friends two years later.


We should definitely do that - it’d be a great way to keep in touch :slight_smile: you should download the app too, I think there’s a way to group message in there! It only includes ppl from the same tour :slight_smile:


where you from ?
Im in Brissy


Yassss girl! I’ll chat to you on fb :wink:


i have just started looking and this trip looks amazing


It does hey!! It’ll be so good! :slight_smile:


Are you guys getting into London earlier? I was planning on flying out of Melb on the 18th :slight_smile: