Summer fun & Sailing August 2009


Hi,[br][br]Was just wondering if anyone out there is doing the Summer Fun and & Sailing departing on the 7th August 2009.[br][br]M:)[br][br]Maree:)


hey Maree, [br][br]I’m booking my trip tomorrow, really keen on the 7th august trip. ill post another reply, if i can get a flight to get over there for the 7th start. are you definitely booked for that trip?[br][br]kasey :)[br]happy planning


hey maree its me again,[br]i’m booked on the 7th of august tour. i get into london on the 5th. let me know when abouts your getting there.[br]would be awsome to get to know you before the tour.[br]kasey


Hey Kassy,[br][br]Yap diffently booked on that tour leaving the 7th August, booked it last november so seems like it has been ages but it is already March!![br][br]Im leaving NZ on the 2nd August get to london on the 3rd and hopefully staying with some friends for a few days.[br][br]Now planning to book into hostel to stay night before tour departs.[br][br]Would be awesome to get to know you. I am travelling by myself but looking forward to it.[br][br]I am planning on staying over in uk to work after tour so big move. Are you going on holiday?[br][br]Anyway nice to know someone else is doing the tour. [br]Maree:)[br][br]Maree:)


hey maree,[br][br]im heading over on the 4th of august, im booking the first two nights before the tour into the hostel we are leaving from. I’m traveling by myself aswell, so excited, little scared though. It’ll be my first time overseas. After the tour im meeting some friends in London and we are backpacking around Wales and Scotland together. [br][br]my email is if you want to talk further. Its good to know that there are atleast two of us on this tour aye he he.[br][br]kasey


hey girls[br]i am looking into booking on that trip as well on august 7th ![br]where are you guys from ?[br]jaimi


hey jaimie,[br][br]I’m from Sydney…Where are you from?[br][br]when are you thinking about booking your trip?[br][br]kasey :slight_smile:


hey ! [br]i am going to see my travel agent on monday ! i am pretty excited.[br]i am from newcastle in nsw.[br]what are you doing after the tour ?[br]jaimi.


hi jaimi,[br][br]I have a flight over on the 4th of august and i have the two night prior to our tour departure booked the Generator Hostel (which is where the tour is leaving from. After the tour i am metting up with a couple of my good friends who are already over there and then we are possibly going back over the france for a few weeks then backpacking around Wales until our money runs out. (he he i dont think it will be that long a month and a half maybe) - how about you? any plans for afterwards? [br][br]I have a singapore airlines flight book in the arvo of the 4th of august with a stopover in singapore. Ill be leaving from sydney though i dont know where you would be leaving from. It would be great to have someone to chat to on the mammoth flight over because im travelling by myself. [br][br]Let me know how you go at the travel agents.[br][br]kasey


Hi jamie,[br][br]Im from Palmerston North in New Zealand. I am making the big move over the UK hoping to be based in London. [br][br]Im flying over with sinapore airlines as well and planning on booking into the hostel for the night of the 6th as have friends who live in london.[br][br]I have a friend who did the exact same tour last year. He said it was awesome![br][br]Anyway hopefully might meet you in a couple of months. What are your plans for travel?[br][br]Maree[br][br]Maree:)