Summer Fun & Sailing August 11th!


Hey! I’ve just booked Summer Fun & Sailing leaving London on the 11th of August! I am a 21 year old travelling solo from New Zealand!! Has anyone else booked this trip? :slight_smile:


Hey, my name is Olivia, I am from Brighton in the UK and am also doing the 11th August trip! (20 year old)


groovy!! love your name btw :wink:


Hey! My name is Stefanie, I’m from New Zealand too and will be doing this Summer Fun and Sailing trip by myself as well! I’ll be 27 by the time I go on the trip!


awesome! when abouts are you heading over/are you staying for longer than the tour? :smile:


Hey, so I’ll be flying to Europe on 29th July. Going to see Family in Finland and Germany and will be coming to London on the 8th August and then I am flying home on the 8th of September. What about yourself? :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m looking at booking the Summer Fun & Sailing 10 Aug - 5 Sept is this the same one??
First time solo traveller from Adelaide, Australia. Flying into Frankfurt to see family before and after the trip. :slight_smile: