Summer Fun + Sailing April 29th


Hi All,

I have just booked on the Summer Fun and Sailing 26 Day Tour that starts on April 29th and I am super excited! I am and travelling alone so I thought it might be cool to learn a few names before we jump on a bus together for 26 days.

Is there anyone else going on this tour?



YAY!! Another person FINALLY! :slight_smile: I’m booked on this tour too! I’m traveling alone too…first trip to Europe and am moving to London after the tour to work for two years. I am really excited too! I’ve been counting down since I booked the tour in November 2010!

When are you flying over there? Where you staying before and after the tour? You doing anything else over there other than the tour?

Yay I’m just so glad I finally got another person I know! ;D

Hope to chat soon B-)


Im hoping to book this trip for april 29th as well ! will be a great way to celebrate the end of high school and my 18th birthday! all comes down to cost though so we will see …


Yay :slight_smile: Another person! Let us know if you end up booking this tour Tanya! :slight_smile: We can add each other on facebook ;D

NOT LONG NOW!! Less than 3 months to go! :-*


Hi everyone, I just booked Summer Fun + Sailing tour for the 29th. I can’t wait to go. I’m travelling on my own. I’m also move to London after the tour. I will be hanging around London area for a few weeks for the tour starts. I’m so excited :slight_smile:


Yay Bec :slight_smile: It’s very nice to meet you! :smiley:

Can I add you on Facebook so we can catch up? Search for Bubblessmith or

I arrive in London on 24th April so we could meet up before the tour if you like!?


Hey everybody,

My friend Sarah and I are meeting up with your tour in Rome (May 6th). I’m very excited about it! We just booked and can’t wait for it!



That’s AWESOME Cassandre! I know what you mean - ;D I’m SOOOO excited about this trip. Only 8 weeks until I leave for London and 9 weeks till TOPDECK TOUR!! :smiley:

Are you staying in London after the tour? or more travel plans ensue following the tours completion?


Hi Natalie,

We are staying in London (or at least the UK) for about a week afterward (although our flights aren’t booked yet… haha we should get on that). We actually lived in England for a year on exchange for school, so I’m very excited to go back! I have a friend that goes to Aberdeen University, so we’re hoping to meet up with her!

It is only about 8 weeks… that’s so exciting!!!


Hey Everyone,

My Pre trip plans - I am going to scotland then hanging out in London with friends be before the tour.

My post trip plans - I will get off in Brugge on the last day, I need to a timetable as a friend who lives in brussels is meeting me in brugge and I am staying at hers for a bit before catchign up with friends in france and switzerland.

So excited to meet everyone - should be an exciting adventure!


Thats awesome Cassandre - I hope you’ve booked those flights by now!! haha. I can’t wait to experience England - tho it’ll be my first time. I went to Japan on exchange at school instead which I loved :slight_smile: Just means that London will be a suprise. lol

Hey Lucy! I thought we’d lost you there! Hadn’t heard from ya! Sounds like you have HEAPS of friends all over the place B-)

Can I add you both to Facebook!? :-[ Would love to chat some more before we head off…ONLY 7 WEEKS LEFT!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
My FB is under - full name Natalie Smith. Otherwise I can add you if you want - just send me your emails! [^]


Hey Guys… I am also doing this trip and travelling alone! Soooooo freaking excited! ;D


Hey Guys I just booked onto this trip!!! ;D I’m soo excited, i arrived in England a week ago so keen to meet new people and make new friends as I am also travelling alone and only know my family over here!


Hey Emma! :slight_smile: Yay another person! If you’re on facebook add me -
we’ll have to catch up before the tour leaves from London. I get there from 24th April! B-)


Sounds good, I added you :)… Only 5 weeks to go!!!


Anyone coming to the summer fun and sailing 29th April Topdeck tour - we’re all meeting at the Clink Hostel Bar Thursday night to catch up and get excited about our trip! See ya there!! :smiley: