Summer fun & sailing april 28th to 24th may


Hello :yum: is anyone else doing this tour?


Hi Laura, I cant wait! Oh thats so exciting, im from Geelong so close to you :blush:


are you doing any travelling before or after the tour?


I’d like to but nothing planned just yet, what about you?! Besides from London!


I’ll be there a week early to look for jobs and a house but that’s it for the time being. Hopefully lots of travel later on :slight_smile:

@Stephy do you have facebook? It won’t let me add anymore comments…


Im staying in London for 2 nights after not sure if that counts though :joy: how long are you planning on living there?


Hay guys. Yeah I’ll be doing this trip too. Can’t wait for it


Yew! Counting down


Hey Will, where abouts are you from? :blush:


Laura heres my facebook :yum:


I’m from Auckland. Either of you been over to Europe before?


Ooh very good! Never been to Europe, this will be my first trip over. Have done USA and Canada before though. You have Will? What about you Steph?


Yea I’ve been over to Europe earlier this year. Actually did the first 7 days of this tour but broke my leg pretty badly and had to come home for surgery haha. Can’t wait to actual finish it all


Gees!! How did you break it? Ill be avoiding that


Let’s just say don’t rub on the wet marble steps at the leaning tower


Laura I havent been overseas yet. Hopefully in November maybe Bali, but this will be my first big holiday! :grin:


That sucks Will!!! Hopefully this time you’ll be a little luckier ahaha


Oh wow, note to self! How are Italian hospitals? Lol
Hey guys, I’ve made a FB group


It was an interesting experience for sure. Communication was hard that’s for sure. Google translate was a life saver haha. Won’t be making any appointments to go back though haha