Summer Fun & Sailing 9th July


hey Ive just booked on the 9th of July summer fun and sailing trip and was wondering who else would be on it. I’m travelling alone so it would be great to start getting to know a few people!!! :slight_smile:


Hey! Yip me and my cousin Tony are doing the same trip. Sooooo exciting I just bought my backpack and heaps of gear today coz Kathmandu is having a sale. I see your from NZ too, where bouts? How old are you if you dont mind me asking? :slight_smile:


oh wow i haven’t even thought about buying gear yet. im from auckland and im 21 (will be 22 by the tour :)). what about you guys???i know im so excited too…only a few months away now!!!


Hi! I am doing this tour as well. I am going by myself on the trip, so getting to know people ahead of time would be great!!


Cass…Awsome we r from Aucks too haha West Aucks. Im 21 but will also be 22 on the tour. My cuz is 22 already. Im soo excited too I hafta try not to think bout it or i cant sleep lol. What day r u flyin over? We go on the 5th and are stopping over at Singapore on the way. Do u have facebook?

Hi Jesse, yea its a good idea to get to know each other b4 we go. I wonder how many ppl will be in our group… Hopefully we get a good bunch of ppl :slight_smile:


Hey people,
My friend and I are doing the trip too. We are from Bunbury, Western Australia. I will turn 30 1 week before the tour starts and my friend is 33. Before the trip starts we are off to Dubai for 3 nights, Spain for a few days (for my b’day) then the trip. We’re really looking forward to it!! Then Michelle, my friend who’s coming with me, will go on until November travelling around Europe. Are you girls on facebook?? It would be nice to know some of the faces that will be on our tour when it first starts :slight_smile:


cool yeah im sooo excited. i fly to london on the 5th July too but i go via LA. apparently our tour is full so thats great!! I’ll be staying in London after the trip to live for 2 years so Ive got so much to sort out before i go its kinda scary haha. yep ive got facebook - my username is cassandra attwood.


Sounds like everyone has exciting plans! Not long to go now… My email for Facebook is Haylee Fletcher.


Hey guys this is great starting to make contact before we get on tour! My facebook is Tenille Satie :slight_smile:


Also Michelle and I are staying at the Clink Hostel the night before our departure, 8th July to ensure we’re not late for the trip!! (The hostel is were the tour departs from!) ;D Might see you there!!


Hey Guys,
I’m on this trip as well.
My name is Koren, 26 years old and I’m travelling on my own.
Am looking forward to it!! Fly out in 2 days, so may be a little jetlagged, but will be staying at the Clink hostel the night before as well.
Hope to see you there :wink: