Summer Fun & Sailing - 9/6/2017-5/7/2017


Hey guys!

I know its a fair bit of time away (like 8 months - who’s counting? I’m not :stuck_out_tongue: ) but just wondering if anyone is going on this tour from the 9th June - 5th July? Keen to meet some new people before the tour starts!

I’ll be 23 on the trip and I’ll be travelling solo! Anyone else travelling solo? :smiley:

Haven’t finished booking but will be paying for my flights and deposit for the tour tomorrow! Eeek!



Hey I’m thinking of doing this Summer fun and sailing either on the same dates or the one after that. I’m 21 and also travelling solo. :slight_smile:
I will have just finished my semester in France by then and I’m wanting to explore the rest of Europe. I even have extra time after the tour to do more travelling before I leave back to Australia on 15th July as I’m hoping to spend Bastille Day in Paris :smile: :confetti_ball: :flag_fr:


Hey Mel!! Ooh yay! I would suggest doing this one to avoid super peak season! The prices go up $200 more for the one that leaves on the 16th :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Bastille Day sounds amazing, I would love to experience it one day! Come on the same tour, we can be friends! Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! I just booked this trip and also travelling solo. I am studying abroad in the US and travelling around there before I arrive in Europe :sunglasses: I am in London before and after the trip for a few days before I go back home so would love to meet people before we start!


Hey Sarah!

Unfortunately I’m not going on this trip anymore, I’ve changed my trip to the European Pioneer but have a great trip!! :smiley:


However I will be in London from the 6th so would love to meet up with anyone! Haha :smiley: