Summer Fun & Sailing 6th May - 1st June 2016


Hey All!

Myself and 3 others are booked on for the Summer Fun & Sailing Tour starting on 6th May 2016.

Keen to know of anyone else who has booked on for this trip!?

Teagan x


I won’t in this tour specific, but I’ll on European escape and meet your group in Venice, on may 23rd, and we’ll together to London. :blush:
I’m from Brazil, and you?


That’s awesome news! So you are doing the rest of the summer fun & sailing tour with us from Venice? Are you doing the tours by yourself?
Im from the Gold Coast, Australia :slight_smile:


Exactly! I always wanted to do a trip by myself, I’m sooo excited. Are you going with your friends, aren’t you? That’s awesome too!


I’m also very excited!
Doing the tour with my Partner & 2 other friends. Hopefully the tour will be relatively full so plenty of people to meet!
Will you be staying to do further travelling after the tour?
We are applying for a holiday/working visa and can stay for up to 2 years :slight_smile:


It would be amazing :smile:
I will be travelling for a month: with the tour, a little before and a little after.
Are you planning to travel for 2 years? :open_mouth: that’s wonderfull.


Oh that’s awesome!
We won’t be travelling the whole 2 years, at some stage we will need to get a job to get more money but to travel as much as possible is the plan!


I understand, anyway this can be an amazing adventure! I hope you can do as you’re planning :wink:


I will be there! :smile::slight_smile:


Awesome Brianna! Where abouts are you from? Are you travelling solo?


Just on the outskirts of Sydney & Yes I’m travelling solo, interested to see if there is going to be many other solo travellers on the trip.


Hi, Brianna!

I’m going solo, too…but I’ll just join the group from Venice. Looking forward to meet a lot of new people :smiley:


Hi guys,

I’m going on this trip and travelling solo :smile:


Hi Tracy, I look forward to meeting you! Where are you from?


Northern Beaches, Sydney. Not long to go! So excited :smile:


Hi guys, I’ll be joining you in Venice on the 23rd May and I’ll be travelling on my own. Looking forward to meeting you all! x


Awesome! Where abouts are you from? Look forward to meeting you as well :smile:


I’m from Kent in England. Have you travelled with top deck before?


Hi! I’ll join the group in Venice as well! Will you travel to somewhere else before the topdeck?


Haven’t travelled before with Topdeck, hoping for a great trip!