Summer Fun & Sailing 4th June 2010


hi guys, is anyone doing the summer fun & sailing tour starting 4th June? I’ll be travelling on my own so looking to find a few fellow travellors before hand! Very excited! :slight_smile:


hey im doing summer fun and sailing but starting 28th may. im going by myself too! my boyfriend of 4 years isnt interest in doing it so that sux a bit! but im so excited, would like to meet other people doing same one too. im a bit nervous going alone, especially the flight!


hi, wow sounds like we are in the exact same predicament! my bf, also of 4 years, has decided he doesn’t want to see europe so will instead be going to Africa without me… fully sucks! and yeah i’m a bit nervous about the long flight on my own as well… stink we aren’t on the same tour or flights! we could have kept each other company! But i’m sure we will be fine, and we’ll have plenty of fun without our bf’s! haha


thats so weird! were abouts in nz are you from? I think the hardest part is guna be deciding what to pack! who are you flying with?


I will be going on the 23rd of July, 2010. Cant wait!
Does anyone know which islands we’ll be visiting in Greece???



haha it is pretty weird huh! [br]I’m from the Waikato… but currently living in Australia. Flying with AirNZ out of Auckland though so will be packing up here in May i guess! [br]Yeah the packing will be the hard part! how to pack for 2 months of travel when i struggle just for a long weekend! haha [br]All part of the experience though - can’t wait!


hey daria, i dont no what islands we’ll be visiting sorry. maybe the flight agents will, il ask mine next time i there!


Hey! I have just booked in for this exact tour :slight_smile: exiting! Am also travelling on my own from Auckland. I plan to arrive in London around the 27th of May. Am not sure yet where I will be staying though before the tour. Have you looked into any hostels? Would be good to meet some people before the trip!


hiya! cool a fellow Kiwi on my tour!
I don’t arrive in London until the 3rd June… and will stay in the Clink Hostel that night so i just have to roll out of bed in the morning and step on the bus!


My boyfriend and myself are doing this Top deck tour on the 04th of June, extremely excited and counting down the days we depart from AKL.


Me and my sister are doing the one starting on the 4th aswel:). we are soooo very excited!