Summer Fun & Sailing 3rd June-29th June



Doing this with two friends, anyone else here booked on? :slight_smile:



I’m also booked on this trip, travelling solo from Aus!


Hey :blush:

Kool, we are from Scotland. Counting down the days!!



I’m doing this with my boyfriend and a friend, we’re from Sydney.

So keen!


Hey Holly!

Nice one! I can’t wait. You doing any travelling before the trip?


Hi all! Flying solo from Aus as well. Not long now :slight_smile:


Heyy. Kool, whereabouts in Aus you from? Im from Scotland. Less than two months to go!! :grinning:


From Brisbane! :slight_smile: So exciting!


Kool. I know I honestly can’t wait! Do u have the top deck app? Its pretty handy and has a chat section for people on our trip.


I downloaded the app but was having some trouble logging in! I will have to have another look and see if I can get it to work :slight_smile:


Also travelling solo from Brisbane, Aus! Countdown is on! :grin:


Hey Aaron! :blush: yeah not long now…6 weeks on Friday :grin::grin: you should get the Topdeck app…there are a few others on there from Brisbane too.


Also doing this tour. Flying solo :blush: Can’t wait!


Hey Tori!! So excited for this! :grinning: Where you from? Theres a few ppl from our tour on the topdeck app if you wanna download that :blush:


From Aus too :blush: Sounds good il have a look :+1:


I’m coming solo too from nz!


Not much! I’ll be arriving in London on the 27th of May and having my 21st there on the 31st of May before the tour. How about you ? :slight_smile:


Sounds good…what a great way to spend your 21st. No, we are going down to London the day before the tour. Elizabeth.


Hey Michelle!! :grin: not long to go now!
You guys should get the topdeck app if you dont already. There are quite a few on there from the trip. :blush: