Summer Fun & Sailing - 31st May


Hey Everyone,[br][br]Just wondering who was in on this ripper of a trip, I’ve just booked it and can’t wait!!![br][br]Look forward to chatting to you all soon.[br][br]Mandy :-[


Hi Mandy, [br][br]I won’t be going on the whole tour, but I’ll be catching up with you guys in Venice! Looks to be a great tour![br][br]Have you toured with TopDeck before?


Hi Mandy,[br]I’m on your tour!! It’s still ages away, but im already really excited.[br][br]Are you travelling by yourself? Where abouts are you from and how old are you?[br][br]Cheers,[br]Bettina


Hey Everyone, [br][br]Im on the 26 day tour as well - cant wait, Im getting so excited! [br][br]Im Mel & Im 30 years old, from New Zealand. [br][br]Have any of you got much planned before the tour? Where are you all from & how old are you?[br]


Hi hi, in reply to Mel’s post, I’m 25 and from Melbourne.[br][br]I’ll be do the tour on my own, after travelling in New York, Helsinki & Germany with a friend… [br][br]What’s everybody else got on?


Yay!! I have friends! haha[br][br]I’m 25, live an hour out of Sydney, Australia, and I am travelling by myself! I have wanted to do this for years and as I will have finished studying (massage), I thought… I have to do it before I get a full-time job :)[br][br]I’ll be arriving in London just in time for the tour and have 4 days after tour and straight back home.[br][br]I can’t wait, does anyone have a facebook page? Cause we could chat on there?[br][br]Mandy :-*


Hey Mandy, I’m a first timer as well, it’s a little daunting but VERY exciting![br][br]I have a facebook (gotta love it!) just search Erin Brealey in the Australia network! [br][br]Cheers! ;D


Awesome. I’ve just turned 26 and live in Sydney (but am planning on chucking the whole job, apartment etc in before i leave for my trip.)[br][br]Mandy i’ve just requested you as a friend on facebook (i hope i got the right profile.) If any of you other gals want to have a chat on facebook, feel free to message me.[br][br]So good that we’ve already found a few of us going on this tour. I did the first 8 days of it last year (which was called European venturer which they merged with a summer fun and sailing tour) and got off in Rome… It was the best thing i’ve ever done, so i’ve had to come back and do the rest of it this year! [br][br]We are going to have so much fun! Is everyone staying at the globetrotter the night before the tour starts?[br]-B


I was planning on staying at the Globetrotter, just haven’t booked it yet. [br][br]Yay! I haven’t done a tour like this before so it will be an eye opener for me. I have been to America (with family) and Fiji (with a friend), but am dying to get to Europe! I’m braving it by myself, but already I feel better about it.[br][br]:-*


Hi Girls! I have facebook, my username is melshoop. Otherwise my email address is - if anyone has MSN Messenger, we could talk there - or else email me sometime if you like. Im so excited to meet you all, we are going to have a fantastic time! [br][br]Ill be in London from 8th May, so if anyone is around early, give me a yell. Ill braving the big bad world all on my own as well, so its nice to be in touch with people doing the same thing! Ill be staying at the Globetrotter on the 28, 29 & 30th May too. [br][br]I work for an engineer, have been here for 3 years now, so have decided to take 12 weeks off to do a bit of travelling - about time to get out of my rut - this should help haha. [br][br]Talk soon![br]Mel[br][br]


I’m so excited now!!! Is anyone else going on this trip? Please let us know so we can chat prior to our tour.[br][br]Mandy :-*


We are starting to move down the topic list! Anyone else coming on our tour?


Haha, I was thinking the same thing, I got soooo excited when I saw that there was another post. I thought we had recruited another traveller ;D


Nope, just me… I thought the same thing when I checked this morning! hahaha


Hey there, how many people so far on this tour? My partner & I have just registered… I think he’s pretty excited, so far all girls!!!


Yay!! More people!!![br][br]So far it is just girls chatting on this topic, but there may be people that don’t even know about this or can’t be bothered. Do you have facebook too and we can chat on there?[br][br]Talk soon, Mandy :-[


Hey girls. Ill be the earlier i start on the 3rd of May. For the fun and sailing tour. Ill be at the globetrotter after the tour from the 28th of May


Great to hear from you, I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter on 30th May, so I might see you there.[br][br]Are you going anywhere after your tour? Hope you have an excellent time!!![br][br]Mandy :-[


im not doing anything after. In London for 4 days after the tour. So probs stay and the globetrotter. I have to come back for work :frowning: other wise i would be staying longer.


Damn it, we are on page 3… not for long…[br][br]Looking forward to it girls!!![br][br]}:slight_smile: