Summer fun + sailing: 31st aug


Hey I’m from Sydney and travelling solo in August (already very excited!)

I’m staying at the Clink 2 nights before but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where else to stay?
I’m in London 5 nights before the tour (26th-30th) and 3 nights after the tour (25th-28th Sept)


Caitlan x


Hey Caitlan!

Im rocking over solo too!

Just booked, cant wait!

Im a 27 year old Kiwi. I will be in London for 5 nights before hand too. Will prob be on mates couches.



Hey, Glad to hear this summer fun trip. Would definitely love to go on sailing adventure.



Hi Jono and Caitlin!

I’m 25 from NZ and booked on this tour - travelling solo too! I am also in London a few nights before hand but I’m staying with friends. I’m sticking around for almost 2 weeks after the tour to do Oktoberfest and anything else that comes up!

I have a friend that just did a tour so I will ask where they stayed in London before hand and let you know!

I’m super pumped!!