Summer fun & Sailing 30th September - 26th October 2016


Hi my friend and I Are on this, just wondering if anyone else has booked this trip? Be cool to get to know some people before we go .


Hi Caitlin!

My partner and I are going on this trip; we are really excited to see new places and meet new people also! Where are you guys traveling from? Traveled before?


Yay how exciting! We are from New Zealand and haven’t travelled before so is going to be awesome! How about you guys?


We are from Australia; just across the river haha! My partner has traveled before however he was to young to remember clear details. I on the other hand have never traveled internationally so this will be a new experience for me. Have you met or heard from any body else who is apart of this tour with these departure dates? Are you just doing the tour or staying longer somewhere after or another tour? :slight_smile:


Oh cool, yeah! Awesome , haha too much booze? How old are you guys? We will both be 23. No not yet you are the first , hopefully we might get a few more comments over the next couple months! We fly to LA first and are there for I think 5 days and then we fly to Germany and are doing Oktoberfest , then onto London where I’m pretty sure we stay at the wombats hostel for a few night before the tour begins . After the tour we stay in London for 4 days with family/friends then onto Barcelona for a week, to Frankfurt for 2 nights and then to San Francisco for a week so will be pretty full on ! What at you guys upto before and upto?


Wow your trip sounds amazing! How long (many weeks?) My partner and I are both 20. We are flying into Munich and attending Oktoberfest then heading to Paris to stay for two nights then joining the Summer Fun & Sailing in Paris. We may depart the tour in Amsterdam and stay another night or two then onto London for 8 days then fly out. :slight_smile:


Awesome and full on, it’s about 8 weeks :blush:Oh cool are you attending Oktoberfest with a company or just on your own? We are with busabout for it and are camping there. Aw awesome that’s sounds good!


We are going with Topdeck also for the Oktoberfest tour :slight_smile:


hiiiii guys, my partner & i will also be attending this trip!! I’ve been looking everywhere to find people who are also going , how exciting hehe!!


Yay, that’s so cool! It’s coming around so fast! Where abouts are you guys from?


I know, I cannot wait!! We are from Adelaide, Australia :slight_smile:


Cool, what’s your plans for before and after the tour?


We are flying a couple days before hand and arriving the day before the tour starts I think! Then afterwards just staying in London Town for a couple days! Totally wish we booked more but hey got plenty of time for that haha! Your trip sounds amazing!!


Oh awesome , that’s cool! Haha yeah friggen expensive though but it will be totally worth it! We are hoping to get tickets to the taping of Jeremy Kyle while we over there , we are on the waiting list! It’ll be hilarious !
Yay I’m so glad we have found more people on the tour !


Hahaha yeah true! Will be well worth it though! Oh yeah me too! I’ve been looking everywhere for other people haha CANNOT wait😜


Hi ! Guys , Im Nicole from Los Angeles CA united states . I just put this trip on hold planning to finish booking next week ( late planner) . Is anyone coming solo? Im super nervous about that .

Also to Caitlin_Roxburgh if you need anyone to show you around in Los Angeles let me know haha


Yay more people haha! You will be fine travelling solo!
Haha thanks! Pretty sure we have a different tour each day we are there :blush:


Yay more people! Hey Nicole! Don’t worry I’m travelling with my partner and I’m still super nervous haha! I’m sure we will be fine once we all make friends :wink: I absolutely love the fact that we are all gunna be from somewhere different!


Hey Guys, My name’s Meghan, from New York City area! I’ve just finished paying for this trip and can’t wait! I’m also traveling solo, so I was happy to find this forum and other people going on the trip!


ooooh hey Meghan! Omg would loooooove to go to New York, lucky thing! Glad to have you on board hehe!