Summer Fun + Sailing 3 Sept-28th Sept


Anyone doing this tour? My girlfriend and I doing it part of a 2 month trip in Europe. Hit us up if your going :slight_smile:


I am going on this tour as well :)[br][br]Where abouts are you and your girlfriend on?[br][br]Am Sarah and live in Sydney


We are from newcastle. are you doing it solo?[br]Were are 22 and 23 year old. you doing any other tours etc?[br]


Hi![br]My name is Kat and my friend Emma and I are doing this tour aswell on 3rd September 2010 and we’re from Brisbane. [br]Can’t wait!![br]Kat


I am from Sydney… I am doing a Contiki tour of New York (only coz Topdeck doesn’t operate in the USA) I will be travelling alone. I have previously done a Topdeck tour and loved it…[br][br]I did the European Getaway a couple of years ago… The crew are friendly and professional. Topdeck doesnt have the reputation like Contiki (the party bus). There will be parties on the tour but most of the people will still be sightseeing during the day etc… [br]


[br]My friend Lisa and I are also on this trip!! We both live in Sydney.[br][br]We’re staying in the Clink Hostel the night before, is anyone else staying there?[br][br]So exciting… cant wait!


Hi Shelbeee![br]My friend Emma and I are going to be staying at the Umi Hotel for 3 nights and then 1 pre and post tour at the Clink Hostel. Would be nice to meet up before the tour so we know people before hand![br][br]Kat [br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 3 Sep - 28 Sep



I’m doing this tour too. Will probably be staying at The Clink before and after the tour…would be great to meet people beforehand as I’ve never been overseas before and am travelling alone :slight_smile:



Hey Katkat & Belinda,

Would be great to meet up the night before the tour…
Where in AU are you guys from?? Sydney…


Hey Shelbeee,

I’m in Perth. Would be great to meet the night before. Getting so excited…and still have 6 months to wait!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

My name is Monique and I am doing this tour with my boyfriend Shannon. We are doing it as part of a few months in Europe.

We are kiwis living on the Central Coast of NSW.

We are staying at the Clink the night before, and would love to meet everyone for a drink.

Hope the next 6 months fly by!


Hi Shellbee!
I’m from Brisbane. I posted on my other thread that I would love to get to know people
before leaving, so if you have facebook… add me. Kat Pettersson from North Brisbane and
then email me stating youre doing this tour and I will accept.
Hope to talk to some people soon!