Summer Fun & Sailing 29/7/16-24/8/16


Hi! I just booked the Summer Fun & Sailing trip for the 29th of July - 24th of August 2016. I’m 21 & travelling alone from Australia. I’m arriving in London on the 26th and staying at the wombats hostel to look around before we go. Is anyone else out there doing the same trip? Would love to make some connections before going on this terrifying/exciting journey on my own.
So excited! :smiley::earth_africa::airplane:


Hey Laura, I just booked own this one, I’m also 21 from Aus and will also be going solo!


Hey! I just booked this trip too, I arrive in London on the 26th and staying at wombats aswell. I’m 25 from Sydney and am also travelling solo. Where are you from?


Hey Hayden, so great to finally hear other people are going on this one too! I was beginning to think I was the only one haha. Where are you from? When do you fly to London? :slight_smile:


Hey Britt! Awesome what time on the 26th does your flight get in? I’m from Merimbula on the far south coast of NSW :slight_smile:


Hey guys I’m From Canberra and I arrive in London on the 25th! :slight_smile:


Cool! I’m from Merimbula, about 3hrs south of Canberra. Are you staying at the wombats when you get to London?


Awesome! Umm my flight arrives in London at 12pm. What about you?


Mine gets in at 1pm. What are you doing for the few days before the tour starts? I bought the ‘london break’ from topdeck too so I have bus/train passes and a sightseeing bus tour aswell. Hopefully we can meet before we leave :slight_smile:


Hi Guys! I’ve just booked in this trip as well :slight_smile: I’m 25, from Sydney & travelling solo too! I arrive in London on the 26th July & staying at the Wombats Hostel, so glad to see I’m not the only solo traveller, so exciting!!


Hi Rachael! Awesome what time does your flight get in on the 26th? Mine gets in at 1pm then I’m going to stay at wombats too if I don’t get lost trying to find it haha. What are you doing for the few days before we leave?


My flight gets in at 5am and the probability of me getting lost is high as I’m what I like to call ‘directionally challenged’ haha

I hadn’t worked out the specifics on what to do before the tour yet but i did get the package with the wombats booking that includes the hop on hop off thing and the bus pass stuff. Maybe some of us can all meet up beforehand & we can all do some sightseeing (and potentially get lost) together? Lol


Haha I’m also directionally challenged. I think I got that package too! Called London break, from topdeck? Yeah that would be great. I’ve been worried about wandering around London alone I will get lost for sure haha.


yeah looks like the same package, getting lost will be half the fun! :slight_smile:


Do you have facebook? Hopefully we can arrange to meet up the night of the 26th at wombats. We will be very jet lagged and probably just want to sleep but it will be too exciting not to go out and explore!


Yes I sure do have facebook. Hopefully we won’t be too jetlagged!


I think I found you on Facebook but can’t add you as a friend?


Hey ladies! My name is Jamila and I booked this trip as well. I will be arriving to London on the 26th and will be staying at the Wombats. Im 24 from Toronto travelling solo for the first time!


hey guys, i just booked this tour my names Leteia and I’m 18 from the gold coast queensland, im travelling solo! haven’t booked my flights yet but was looking at getting to london in the morning on the 28th of July :slight_smile: where did you find out about the london break package?


Hi Jamila! How exciting. We arrive the same day and I’m staying at wombats too. Would you like to meet up before the trip starts to look around London so we aren’t lost on our own? :slight_smile: