Summer Fun & Sailing 28th of July 2017


Hi everyone!!
Just wondering if anyone else is doing Summer Fun & Sailing on the 28th of July 2017?I am 19 year old travelling alone from Australia
I arrive a little bit earlier to London, and would really love to chat to some people and get to know them beforehand! Or even catch up beforehand. Is there anyone else doing this trip solo? :blush:


Hey! I have just booked this trip as well. I am 25 travelling from Sydney… so excited. :slight_smile:
I will not be getting to London the day before the trip, as I already have Splendour in the Grass booked! But would love to catch up the night before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Oh awesome! Im really looking forward to it!
I’m in London before hand as well, so we can organise to catch before hand for sure.


I’m going! 18, from Australia but currently on a gap year in England, looking forward to the trip!


Hey! I’ll be heading on this trip too :slight_smile: I’m 23 traveling alone from Sydney, I’ll be arriving in London about a week before, can’t wait!


Hey Nicole!
That’s awesome! Where about are you staying before the tour begins? :slight_smile: I’m really keen.