Summer fun + sailing 28th may


hey, just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour? im going alone and a bit nervous, so would be great to get in contact with other people doing it!!!


Hey Jaimie,

Im on this tour too also travelling alone, so excited though :-)…this ur first trip to europe?


hey, yay im so glad iv found sum1 else on same trip! yea its my first time to europe, have always wanted to go there! so excited. have you been before? are you staying at the clink hostel before the tour?


Yeah same, first trip to Europe :slight_smile: Not too sure where im staying at yet, i fly in on the 25th so have 3 days before the trip starts to get over the jetlag. When do u get to London?


i leave the 26th only staying one night before tour! hope il be ok! got a direct flight just stopping in dubai for couple of hours. im staying at the clink apparently thats where tour starts and you get picked up there. have you been overseas by youself at all before? where about in aussie do you live?


Sweet, i just check The Clink out and it doesnt look to bad so ill probably stay there before the tour. Na first time overseas by myself, i’ve been waiting for mates who always say they will come but it never works out so i decided im not waiting any longer and doing it without them. hehe. Have you been to many countries? how long are u in europe for? and i live in Sydney :slight_smile:


yea iv been waiting for mates to but they will never go. i have a boyfriend of 4 years whos not wanting to come either! so il just be going on trip then straight back home! i went to America with family wen i was younger and went to goldcoast about 3 years ago with my boyfriend and his family. but thats all.


oh well there loss i reckon, we are going to have so much fun and make so many new friends :slight_smile:


i no im so excited! bit nervous about the flight and stuff but its guna be wicked! i wonder what the sailing will be like, neva done that before! and packing is going to be so hard! but these forums are so helpful!


Hey have you already booked and paid for this tour? I was reading on the forum if you book through a travel agent in the UK its heaps cheaper. I’ve emailed STA travel UK and they can do this same tour for 1820 pounds which is approx $3440 Aus dollar, a saving of around $600. I’m trying to see if my travel agent here in Sydney will match that price. :slight_smile:


stink yea i have booked and payed for it all! oh well. but lucky for you!!


Hey guys, I just booked and paid for this tour also. Can’t wait - going to be awesome.


I was originally going with a mate who pulled out at the last minute. Are many other people going solo?


your mate will regret it! yea my cousin was going to come with me but he pulled out also. im glad iv found at least two people doing same trip! how old are you guys? im 24. hope im not going to be the only kiwi on the trip lol!


Same here. I’m 23 and from Sydney.

Lol, I’m sure there will be at least one other kiwi. You bastards seem to be everywhere - but don’t worry, the sheep jokes are getting old so you won’t be copping any of that from me.


haha great! so what part of trip are you most excited about! are you staying at the clink hostel before trip?


Hey Mick, good to see another Sydney sider on this trip…I’m 24, lookin foward to the sailing bit. Only 11 weeks to go, Cant wait :slight_smile:


yea iv never been sailing before so that should be a new experience! im really looking forward to switzerland and venice and seeing the vatican city!! its so exciting!


wow 2months to go! time is going so fast!!


Agreed!! We are going to be sailing the greek islands before we know it ;D