Summer Fun & Sailing 28th June - 23rd July 2008


Since Emily didn’t put a date on her topic I am just going to start a new post because she is computer illiterate or something.[br][br]Who is coming on this? If you are coming, join the facebook event…[br][br][br][br]Please![br][br]Shell[br][br]p.s my username is not serious


Ha good job! I just joined the event thing :slight_smile:


There’s GOT to be more than one 4 people coming on this that are reading this…


P.s Thanks for joining Gem!


WHO’s coming!?


There are definitely more people coming as the tour is all booked up! I did find this site a bit of a pain to sign up to in the beginning… It didn’t work the first time.[br][br]Shelley are you going to Europe to just do Topdeck or are you going to travel around a bit more before/after?


Sorry I took so long to reply, I don’t check this thing. I am going to be floating around Europe esp UK for a year or so after this trip if my visa works out. What are you going to do?


That’s okay![br][br]Oh that sounds great you’ll get to see everything! I’d love to be able to spend more time in Europe but i have to be back by mid-September. After Topdeck i’m go to travel around France, Switzerland, Spain for about a month and a bit with a friend, we’ve bought a Western busabout loop for it. Then Greece and the islands for a couple of weeks. [br][br]I still have about ten days at the end of my trip that i haven’t planned yet. Thinking about either Vienna and a few stops in Germany, or even seeing some of the UK. Not sure! So much fun planning it all!


Hi I’m Pete from England. I’m also coming on this trip. Doing the 1st 19 days from London to Venice. Really looking forward to the tour - just over 9 weeks till we go! Cu then! Pete


Just bumping this up… [br][br]Not long to go now!