Summer fun. & sailing 26th May 2017


I’ve booked the Summer fun & sailing tour starting 26th May 2017, would be cool to meet anyone else booked on this tour! I’ll be traveling solo from Melbourne!


Damn, wish you were going on the 9th of June one then we could’ve met! :frowning:




Hey hows it going my gf and i will be on the same trip.


Oh cool, where are you guys from?


Hey, I’m also going on this trip and traveling solo! I’m traveling from Sydney :slight_smile:


Excited to finally chat to someone on the same tour! Have you done a topdeck tour before? What date are you flying over?


I haven’t done topdeck before and this is the first time Iv traveled alone! But I’m super keen! I leave on the 22nd so I get to London on the 23rd


Same! I get to London on the 25th so only the day before the tour. Do you have the topdeck app?


Oh okay! I haven’t got the app yet, I booked with a travel agent so I haven’t got the reference number. I’m waiting on a email with one.


Do you have facebook? We can chat more on there if you want!


I have the app now! And my Facebook is Jessica Piana :blush:


I had a look on Facebook, theres a few people with your name! Mine is Belinda Schryver of you want to add me, should only be one! :blush:


Hey I’ve finally found this forum. Myself and other friend are going on this trip and can’t wait. We are both from nz be good to hear from anyone else going on this trip


Hey Ellen, nice to hear from you! Have either of you done a trip like this before?!