Summer Fun & Sailing, 26th August 2016


Hey! anyone else booked on this tour? travelling with two other friends from Perth :slight_smile:


Hey! I have booked on this tour, I’m from New Zealand and travelling by myself :slight_smile: am really looking forward to it!


Hi ladies!! Im on this tour as well traveling solo from the Northern Territory AU! Wow time has flown and its nearly upon us already!! :slight_smile:


Yay! glad to find more people booked on this tour. Are you both starting the tour in London? We will be joining the tour in Paris :slight_smile: Not long to go now!!


Yes I am joining in London I have a week to explore before the tour starts! I booked last year good to see more ppl on the tour! Hopefully the weather is still good in September!


Hey everyone! I’m also on this tour (on the Adriatic adventure part) with my cousin. Can’t believe it’s only two weeks away! Is there a Facebook group at all? Elise


I’m also joining on the Adriatic part of it but we’ll be meeting you guys in Paris. If anyone starts up a do page post it on here :slight_smile: