Summer Fun & Sailing 23 July 2010


Is anyone else going on the same tour??
:wink: Daria


Hi Daria,

A mate and I have just put a deposit down for this tour. Can’t wait!

We’re both 23 year old Aussies. I hope some more people are doing this tour!?




Hi Paul,
Ahhh, I’m glad to see other people booking the same date. I was beginning to worry that I wont meet anyone before the tour.
I am 22 yr old American and will be traveling alone, cant wait!!! It will be a really nice break from school!!
Have you traveled with Topdeck before?


Yeah hopefully a few more will book soon!

I’ve never traveled with Topdeck, or to Europe. Have you?

Are you heading anywhere after the tour?


I have never been in Europe, but was born in Russia and lived there for 10 years then moved to US. I am really excited to visit different places and meet other people!!! I don’t have any time to do more traveling this summer because I only get 6 weeks off school but definitely summer 2011. How about you guys, planning to visit more countries? Are you two planning to stay at Clink Hostel the night before tour begins?
Do you anything about optional activities, meaning what they are and the prices for them??


I just booked onto this tour today!!! Im travelling on my own, im really excited!!!


Hi Sophie,
I am pretty sure that you’re the same person I responded to on Topdeck facebook page. But anyway, only 3 more months to go till our trip!! I am traveling alone as well and cant wait for the tour to start!


Yeh i am the same person!! i know its not long at all, how exciting!! its going to be fun!!! x


Hey Sophie, I see that you’re from UK and I am just wondering how’s the weather there in July?
And what kind of clothes are you planning to bring to Switzerland (I know that its summer but it will be cold there)??


heyy!! yeh i am!! the weather is a bit unpredictable here!! it should be warm and sunny, but it may rain!! so bring a mix of clothes??? im not really sure what im going to take for switzerland prob just a couple of warm jumpers cause everywhere else we will be visiting should be really hot!!! what date are you heading to london?? xxxx


Ya i just bought my suitcase the other day and already trying to decide what i need to take. I will probably pack tank tops, skirts and dresses since it will be really hot and a bikini!!! And bring a pair of jeans or sweat pants for Switzerland.
I arrive on the 22nd and will be staying at Clink hostel, what about you? Are you planning to stay there the night before tour begins?

It will definitely be a nice vacation from school and work (and family)!


Ooops! I actually arrive on the July 20th (gives me couple of days to tour London) and I will be staying at Clink Hotel.