Summer Fun & Sailing 21st August 2009


Hey just seeing if there is anyone else booked on this tour?[br]Cheers[br]Liv NZ


Hey there I just booked this tour myself, I get into london at 5am on the wed before the tour starts and just thinking of staying at the Generator for the 2 days before hand. [br][br]Doesnt look like many people are booked on this one yet :)[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 21 Aug 09


Awesome![br][br]Yeah I am booked there for the 3 days before we leave.[br][br]Yeah seems very quiet… hopefully more people come on board soon!


I might even be getting there a day earlier now so im not Jet lagged before the tour and hopefully get a chance to see some of london. [br][br]If you wanna catch up at the bar or something let me know :)[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 21 Aug 09


Yeah for sure! Will get in touch closer to the time and we can sort something out :)[br][br]Yay I cant wait!


Keeping this in the loop - anyone else booked onto this?


Hey There,[br][br]I’m booked on the Adriatic Voyager that I think joins your tour in Rome on August 28th…[br][br]Roman Chariot AUG 11th [br]&[br]Adriatic Voyager AUG 28th


hey im booked on this tour, im arriving in London a week before and would be keen to catch up with you guys before hand so let me know if anything is planned :)[br][br]


I havent planned anything to do in london i get there on the 18th early in the morning. [br][br]I was planning on staying at the generator but might be staying at a cheap motel pretty close that is only 5 pounds a nite dearer the a single room at the generator but has its own ensuite, [br][br]Im pretty sure my msn and facebook details are in my profile if you want to talk about it some more :slight_smile: [br][br]cant wait[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 21 Aug 09


Cool as - I get into London very early on 18th morning… will check in as soon as I can then might be keen for a wander around London… long flight so I might wanna stretch my legs!!![br]Perhaps whoever is keen we could meet at the bar at the Generator at a certain time?


I’ll be on this tour too! Looks like I’m the only one coming from the US. I’m so excited!![br][br]summer fun & sailing; 21 August


Hi Arielle,[br]I’m doing the European Escape tour which basically is the last 2 weeks of the Summer Fun and Sailing(August 21st). We meet up with you guys in Venice and travel the rest of the way with your tour. I’m also from the US, what state are you from?[br][br]European Escape Sept. 6


That’s awesome! I’m from Florida (Tampa). You? [br]I’m kind of looking forward to being around non-Americans. okay I lied… I’m REALLY looking forward to it.[br][br]summer fun & sailing; 21 August


I’m from Dallas. And yeah it looks like Australians will be in the majority on the tour, which is awesome because I’ve never met an Aussie that I haven’t liked!![br][br]This is my first trip to Europe and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve already started the countdown-one month from today and I’ll be flying into Paris and staying one night there and then on to Venice to meet up with the group on Sept. 6th. I hope this month flies by![br][br]


Hey Olivia my plane lands at 5am on the 18th, what time are you thinking to meet up at the generator bar?[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 21 Aug 09


Hmm I think mine lands at 6am![br]How about we arrange to meet at 10am at the bar? [br]That should be enough time to check in and stuff and if we are too jet lagged we could regroup later?


Im arriving in London on the 16th. Ill be staying out in Surrey for that week but would been keen to meet up with you guys on the 18th if thats cool? Or if i cant make it that day then maybe we could all get dinner or a drink the nit before the tour starts, ill be staying at the generator the night before.[br]Olivia where in NZ are you from? im from NZ too :slight_smile:


Awesome![br]Yeah definately keen to meet up… perhaps we plan to meet at the bar? I thought 10am… but depends how I am feeling after my flight. I wanna see as much of London as I can in the time I have there thou[br]I live in Wellington… you?[br]Yay! not long now!!!


Im from auckland. Im not sure if ill make it on the 18th now, so if i dont, can i get in touch with you via email and we could meet the night before? and we could meet and do dinner or a drink or something as ill be staying at the hostel that nit too. and there will probably be a few others there as well we could meet. pretty sure my email is in my profile :)[br]getting excited!! :slight_smile:


Yep thats all good - drop me an email on[br]Yay I fly out tomorrow!!! See you soon!