Summer Fun & Sailing 20th May - 15th June 2016


Hi there,

If anyone else is going on this trip would be great to get in touch just to get to know others before the trip. If you are from Melbourne let me know we can catch up before hand as well.



Hey there !
I’m planning on going to this trip as well,
Are you doing any optional activities ?


Hi Khanis,

Not as of yet but would love to join in the activities. Have you picked a list of activities you want to be doing ?



Hey there, yea I’m thinking the Vatican tour, pub crawl, seine cruise, and a couple others.
Have you ever been flotilla style yachting??


Hi Angela,

I am thinking of doing most of them just for the experience depending on how tiring the travelling will be. Never been yachting before heard its a lot of fun. Where are you starting from London as well ?