Summer Fun & Sailing 20th August


Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this particular tour? B-)


Booking this week Woo Hoo!!! ;D

Anyone else going to be Joining this tour??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Timmie

Finally someone else on the trip!!! ;D

2 other friends of mine are booked on the trip as well. Are you travelling solo or bringing friends?

Nicola :slight_smile:


Solo traveller at this stage :slight_smile: had a few people pull the " yeah I am KEEN! " to pull out as time went on, so either way I was going no matter what. Doing some touring before and after so it should be interesting. Are you staying at the clink hostel before the tour?

This your first time across?


Lol. i know what you mean, least 2 of them pulled their fingers out and came with me!

Yep im staying the Clink hostel before and after the tour. We arrive in London on the 18th August. Then we have 4 days after the tour in london before we flyout to Greece. When do you get to London?

Nope, not my first time over there. I was there for 6 weeks in 2008 - did another Topdeck Tour, had THE best time of my life!!! So any questions, just let me know :slight_smile: Have you been before?

oh and not sure if you have facebook at all but there is a fan page for our tour on there. we did this last time and it was great to sorta know a few people before the tour started.



Hi there

Hope you guys are well!

I was planning on booking this week. Not sure which date though :). Which hostel are you guys talking about?

Vicki ;D


Hey Vicki!

We are talking about the Clink Hostel in London. It is the hostel that all Topdeck Euroclub trips depart from. Makes it so much easier to stay there cos there is no worrying about getting there late the morning the trip leaves!

Book on our date!! lol. We need more people!! I booked the 20th cos it meant cheaper flights from Australia, also it ties in with the Greek Island Hopper that my friends and I are doing on the 18th September.

Good luck choosing ur dates, and hopefully we will see you on our tour!!!

Nicola B-)


Hey Nicola! Yeah I have added Topdeck on FB. HI VICKI!!! Hope to see you on board this trip as well :). I am going to be arriving into London on the 18th after travelling over to Belfast, Scotland and then down to London lol… It is going to be an exciting time to say the least. I hope to be either hanging in London for a few days after the tour or head back to Amsterdam for a bit before heading down to Oktoberfest!!! From there down to Greece and well winging the rest of my travels from there ;). I will defiantly be asking you some questions since it is going to be a whirlwind tour for me but should be a good one :slight_smile: WOOP WOOP! Chat soon.


Hi All !!! Let the count down begin… Starting to really look foward to setting off. Hope to see you all soon B-)


Hey guys, only 12 and a bit weeks to go!! ;D B-) :o ;D

Is anyone else doing this tour besides us???

Starting ot get excited about it now!


Hey guys,

Im doing the European escape tour which joins up with this one in Venice

Cant wait :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey Elle!

Excellent!!! I cant wait for it to start!!!

Have you been to Europe before?



Haha … HI ;D

Nope, this is my first time overseas.
Its a bit daunting but all good.
I came across this forum accidentally, when i was trying to find out
where the tour accommodation is in Venice.
Its awesome that there are a few aussies … YAY lol.
Did you stay at the clink hotel last time you did a tour?
if so was it any good?



a few Aussies?? the last tour i did there were 40 out of 45 of us!! lol
Nope, i havent stayed at the Clink before, my last trip was in 2008 and that was when Topdeck stayed at the Globetrotter Hostel. If the Clink is anything like it, it will be fabulous!!! Ive heard pretty good reports about it though :slight_smile: We are staying there for 2 nights before the trip and 4 nights afterwards. have you booked to stay there?

Once youve been, you will be planning your next trip back before you even get home!!! Its so addictive B-) only problem is there’s not enough annual leave or money!!!


So do we have a number of people on this tour yet? Time is considerably ticking down and excitement must be brewing! Times for open minded travelling times with a random group of people over a 26 Day tour… What is in store ;D

Looking forward to having an AWESOME TIME with a group of strangers, meeting new people, and by the end creating new friends from around the globe! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Timmie!!

as far as i know there are 6 of us booked on the tour (who have joined the facebook group) and elle who is joining the tour later. hopefully there are a few more random strangers that will be on the bus when we get there!!

drinks at the Clink bar on the night of the 18th?


Hey Timmie!!
Yeah … seriously cant wait to meet you guys…
ill try and find the group on facebook ::slight_smile:


Yay Im going on this tour now! Any other Kiwis on it? Just booked today and its going to be tight as Ive been travelling for awhile haha. Sounds so awesome though cant wait!!!


Hey there Rachel! Congratulations on the booking and you are correct, this will be an awesome trip of a lifetime ;D

Counting down the days! :stuck_out_tongue:


Heya All.

Ashleigh here. I’ve joined the facebook group and I am travelling with a girlfriend, should be great. Cannot believe just over a week to go.!! Im hoping you guys don’t snore… haha. :slight_smile: