Summer Fun & Sailing 2011 May 27th



I’m searching for fellow travellers on the Summer Fun & Sailing tour departing May 27th 2011.

This will be my first time travelling alone … Is there anyone else out there? B-)



Its very nice to meet you Carns. i believe im going to be going on this trip. this will also be my first time traveling alone, im really nervous about this trip. :slight_smile:


Hey Althea, nice to meet you too :). It’s good to hear from someone else on this trip! I’m pretty nervous about travelling alone, but it’s quickly turning into excitement. It is coming up pretty fast hey.

What’re your plans? Are you staying at the Clink before the tour? Doing any other travelling?



it really is coming up fast… :smiley: i was afraid i wouldnt be able to get in contact with anyone else before the trip, im glad i met you, do you have a facebook? :slight_smile:
Yeah i plan to stay at the Clink a day or two before the actual trip, to explore London a bit, u?
after this trip, i dont have anything planned, but to go back to the states… u?


Haha I was also worried I wouldn’t find anyone else either, but then again it will be great to meet everyone once we get together for the first time. I do have a facebook, I’ll PM you my details :slight_smile:

I’ll also be staying at the Clink, I get in from Aus on the 26th at like 5am so I’ll be exploring London briefly very jetlagged! I don’t have anything planned afterwards either, I could only get that much time off work.

I am so excited! ;D