Summer Fun & Sailing 2006


Hi everyone,[br]I m planning on going on the summer fun and sailing trip in 2006. I was wondering if there was anyone that has been on the trip that can give me some feed back on it. Also, if there is anyone else who is planning on going on the trip sometime in July I would love to hear back from you. Have a pleasant day everyone;D


I’m definitely doing the summer fun and sailing tour next summer but I’m not sure of the exact date yet. I’m still waiting for Topdeck to publish the dates and prices on the website.[br][br]I’ve received some feedback about this tour and Topdeck and it has been positive, except for one reviewer had a bad tour manager while in Greece. You can read the feedback under the “Questions about Topdeck” section in the Topdeck forum.


I am also just waiting on the dates and prices to be published but hopefully I will be going at the start of july. The feedback under “Questions about Topdeck” were quite helpful and thank you very much for the quick reponse.[br][br]One question I still have about the sailing trip is whether or not you actually get to be hands on with the yacht and learn how to sail it?[br][br][br]


Hey there,[br] My cousin and I are doing the SF & S tour starting the 27th of june…ending 19th july…i got hold of a 2006 booklet at a travel show. I can give u a list of the dates if u havent found them already. We’ve already booked to get the earlybird rates. [br][br]Ciao,[br]Lisa


hey im “headys” cousin, im 18 years old, We are so excited about our summer fun and sailing trip! roll on june! book for june! i want a full group, more people to have a laugh with, hope to see you on tour,[br]Kristen :slight_smile:


Greetings! The 27th of June sounds like a good date to go on. I m going to check the dates and book in when i return to university for second semester. Maybe I will see you all in June. Happy Holidays!


Hey DDubs, [br][br]My name is Lisa and I am one of the reservations staff at Topdeck. I was just reading your post and though I could help answer a couple of your questions. [br][br]The tour dates and prices are now posted on the website for the Summer Fun and Sailing trip. Go to ‘Trip Finder’ select ‘Euro Club’ at the bottom of the page and ‘Summit’. You should then have a list of all our Euro Club tour. Go to the second page and the Summer Fun and Sailing trip is about the 3rd tour down. Select the tour and click on ‘See departure dates & prices’. Choose the month you want to travel and it will show you the dates and prices for that particular period of time in the currency relevant to where you are situated in the world. [br][br]I also noticed you where wondering about the sailing part of this trip. Each yacht will have a captain and a helper selected from the tour group and they will be taught the basics of how to handle the boat. Once out on the water and enjoying the sun all the passengers will then be given the chance to get involved and help sail the if you would like too. The choose is yours![br][br]I hope this has helped, let me know if there is anything else I can assit with. Alternatively you can drop me an email if you would like. [br][br][br][br]Hope you are all enjoying the festive season. [br]Cheers[br]Lisa


Hey there,[br][br]I have just booked in for the Summer Fun and Sailing Trip - our tour starts on May 30th. [br][br]Anyone else going at this time?!


Hello,[br]Thank you so much for the information Lisa, it was extremely helpful and informative. I have now booked in for June 27 for the SF&S trip and I am really looking forward to the 23 days in europe. I guess I will see Kristen and Heady in June and hopefully plenty more. Have a good day everyone!!;D[br][br]Have a pleasant day!


Hello, [br]Thank you so much Lisa for your quick reply, it was extremely helpful and informative. I have now booked in for the SF&S 23 day tour for June 27th and am really looking forward to it. I guess I will see Kristen and Heady in June, and hopefully plenty more people. Have a good day everyone!!;D[br][br]Have a pleasant day!


Hey DDubs - Glad I could help, really jealous of all the talk going on about travel over the summer. Want to pack my bags a heading of on a trip with you all. Hope you have a wicked time. Cheers Lisa


I’m booked for the Summer Fun & Sailing Tour departing on 8 August and I was just informed yesterday that the departure is guaranteed. Anyone else booked on this tour?


Hey peoples,[br]So excited,booking the Summer Fun & Sailing Trip for July 11 2006.[br]Just wanting to know how many beautiful people will be going & where are you guys from.[br]Im with 2 great girls from Sydney & im male from Syd also.[br]Get back to me so we can have a yarn & then a fantastic time running a muck overseas!!![br][br]Lots of Love…Good Times


Has anyone else signed up for SF&S on June 27th yet? only 16 weeks to go…Kris and I cant wait!!


Hi,[br]My mate Lisa and I will be doing London to Athens tour departing 26th May 2006 and can’t wait!!![br][br]Anyone else on this tour?? Any ideas for good accommodation in London before we leave??[br][br]We’re travelling from Perth, WA.[br]Hope to see you on Tour, or in London. Cheers. Mel :)[br]


DDUBS, awesome that you’re on our trip! tell me and lisa something about ya, age? gender? where abouts you’re from? are you travelling alone? we are so excited just over three months now til the trip! seeya there!