Summer fun sailing 2 sep 11


I’m travelling on the summer fun +sailing tour alone which departs on the 2nd of September and would like to chat to others that are also doing this tour or also travelling alone.


Me too but not going alone anymore - going with a mate from uni :slight_smile: should be good!


yeah should be good what dates are you flying into london have you travelled before?


I’ve travelled before but not like this! Will be there a few days before - can’t remember when my flight arrives in London but leaves Aug 29th


anyone else doing this tour?


Hi there,

I am doing this tour by myself, spare of the minute decesion. Can’t wait now, not far till I leave Australia.


Hi there, I arrive in London I think on the 31th of August, staying there a few nights at a hostel.


Ah awesome! My friend Claire and I arrive on the 30th and we’re staying near the Clink before and after the tour - should be good! :slight_smile:


Oh cool! I am bit worried, I am staying at the click on the 30th. I have seen some good comments and bad comments about the place. Apparently it use to be an old magistrates court house lol.


Haha i wouldn’t have a clue to be honest! I am sure it’s fine, especially if TopDeck start there for their tours!


same arriving on the 30th travelling alone, staying near the clink to.


Hey all, im doing this trip also going solo, cant wait doing a 10 day egypt trip 1st then heading to the clink 30th!!!