Summer fun & sailing 1st October


Hey everyone,

Was hoping to meet a few people before going on this trip… drop a line ;D

Cant wait for the trip will be amazing



I will be joining the the trip in Rome, Cant wait.
Were abouts in Australia are you from?


ohh awesome…
im from the north coast of new south wales
where in australia are you from?


This is very interesting excursion!


Hey guys im a kiwi joining the tour in Paris, keen to meet some new people and have a good time! Would be good to meet some of you before the trip starts


hey people am an aussie working in the uk joinging up and startin gwith this group from day one, whoop! so excited to get the travelling started hehe nervous too :smiley: so be awesome to talk to some poeple b4 hand, even tho tis only 1 week to go whoop!!


Love New Zealand great place went on a tour there in 09. would so love to go back where in NZ are you from?