Summer fun + sailing 13 May 11


Hey Guys,

Me and my boyfriend are doing this trip and were wondering if their was any other couples on this trip??
Am super excited sounds like this is going to be epic :slight_smile:



Hi Lizzy,
yup, i start on the 13th and my other half will join the trip on the 20th in Rome!
Any idea how the accommodation may work for us?


Hey Jill,

I’ve heard if theres other couples on the trip they will room you together where they can. Theres a couple of spots that they can’t (since its hotel policy to have same sex rooms). But theres also multishare hostels where they have 6 to a room (app.) and you need to have 3 couples that will share the room for it to work!

Awesome, can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Jill,

There’s a post in the General Discussions section, title ‘Couples of EuroClub’ which may be useful to you:

Thanks, Topdeck


Hi Lizzy and Jill,

My boyfriend James and I are also coming on this trip! I’m glad to know there will be a few other couples coming along too.

Not long to go now!


Hey Courtney and lizzy!
Not long at all now!!
Are you both heading over just for summer fun and sailing or heading over earlier?
I leave 2 weeks tomorrow!! Cant wait!!
Jill :slight_smile:


Hey Courtney and Jill,
I’m over 4 weeks from today, so have about a 15 days before and then after the trip to do our own looking around.
Can’t wait to meet you guys, are you departing from London Courtney?


It appears that there will be two Courtney’s on this tour!
My sister and I will be joining you all in Rome.
Not long to wait now, we’re so excited

Courtney No. 2 :wink:


Haha awesome!


Haha, thats great! Its not often I meet many Courtneys.

I am heading over 3 weeks from today and will be in the UK or about 2 weeks before the tour, leaving from London as well. We should catch-up before the tour if you are keen!

Courtney no.1 :wink:


We head to Ireland once we get there and get back to London before we go (supposedly!)
But if plans change we should definitley meet up!


Hi all!

I will be joining you all in Rome :slight_smile:

Courtenay - i see you are from chch, when are you flying back to NZ? i am staying one night in London on the way back before i fly out…

Is there anyone else doing the tour by themselves? :confused: Hope so!! :smiley:

Jane xx


Hey everyone!

I’m doing the tour by myself as well. Can’t wait to meet you all! It’s going to be brilliant :slight_smile:

Meg xo