Summer Fun & Sailing 12 July 2019


Hey Guys, just checking in to say hello to anyone else on this trip. I know it’s super early but it’s my first solo trip so I’m pretty keen :joy: I’m 28, from Perth (Australia) and will be staying in London one or two nights before… Looking forward to hearing from anyone else on this trip (or any trip tbh) :grin:


Hi. I’m also doing my first solo trip. I’ve booked for May 14th-July 1st and will be in London a few days before heading off.


Hey @Esther! Are you staying in London long after your trip? I haven’t booked flights but will prob get there a few days before my trip. Your trip look pretty cool too? :ok_hand:t3:


Hi, yeah I’m planning to settle down in London when I get back, find a job and what not. Good idea to get there a few days before. Lets you settle down a bit after a long flight before your big journey :smiley:


Sounds cool! :sunglasses: I’ll be there so be sure to check this thread for my update