Summer Fun & Sailing 10th may - 4th June



I’m a 27 year old female

I’m looking to travel on my own in may and was wondering if anyone else is going on the summer fun & sailing at the same time as me so i wont be the only one on my own?


Hi loz!

My name is Alli, i am a 25 year old female and have booked on this tour!

I will be travelling alone also

should be fun!

where are you from?


I’m from hampshire in england.
yeah this trip sounds like alot of fun, i will be celebrating my 28th brithday on this trip also.
I look forward to seeing you, i will be staying in london the day before we leave for this trip if you want to meet up before hand.



Hi girls!
I’m booked on this tour alos, I’m starting on the 11th of June, when are you guys starting? I’m really excited! Im also going solo!


Oh sorry! Just realised youre going in May!!! Have a great trip!


Hey Girls :slight_smile:

I have also booked for this tour and I am travelling alone too. I am 21 and this is my first trip overseas, kinda scary but wil definitely be tons of fun!

Cant wait to meet both of you.



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Hi Girls!

I am also going on this trip, i am 21 this year and it’s my first big trip overseas alone!

Looking forward to having a blast away with you all! :slight_smile:


Hey Ladies,
Im also booked in for this tour, Im 24 from Melbourne and travelling solo also :slight_smile:
Very pumped for the tour and looking forward to meeting you all


Hi Everyone,
I am also coming on this tour. I am Ashleigh, 24 from Brisbane and travelling solo.
Can’t wait to meet you all.


Hi All!

Seems quite a few of us will be travelling solo! can’t wait!

For those who will be in London prior any idea where you’re staying yet?

I’m arriving on the 6th and need to start planning where to stay!


Hi All,

It’s great to see so many of us doing it solo!

Im arriving on the 7th and staying at the clink hostel, hopefully we can all catch up before we head off on the tour!



Hey Loz!
I fly in on the 7th also haven’t planned where I’m staying yet but have booked the night before the tour at the topdeck hostel. Are you from Vic? we could potentially be on the same flight :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
I arrive on the 7th and staying at the clink before the tour. I’m staying at a hotel near Hyde park after the tour for a week.
It is reassuring that there are a few other solo travels.



I am arriving in london on the 7th as well also staying at the Clink Hostel. :slight_smile:
We should definitely meet up and hang out before the tour starts.
The coutdown begins - just over 2 months to go ;D


ok so i have now booked into the clink also! Not long… just have to get serious with the saving now!


Hi Jess!

I am from vic! what time do you fly out on th 7th? would be such a coincedence if we were on the same flight!!

Getting so excited but struggling to save - shopping is so tempting!!


Hi everyone!

I’m Emily, 23, from Albury (Aus), also travelling solo! can’t wait!
I’m arriving the day before the tour - are you guys booked into the ‘Clink78’ or the ‘Clink261’ ? shared dorms?

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I’m Laura, 20 and I’m from New Zealand. This will be my first big trip overseas as well! I’m so excited, I’ve been told it’ll be amazing! I’m booked in at the clink hostel from the 8th so I’m sure we will all meet up before hand. Can’t wait! :smiley:


Hi Emily!

i’m booked into the Clink78 as this is where the tour leaves from