Summer Fun & Sailing 06 May - 01 Jun & European Horizons 14 May - 01 Jun!


Hey all,

I just booked on to the European Horizons trip from Sat 14 May - Wed 01 Jun just seeing if anyone else is on the same trip, for those on the Summer Fun & Sailing Fri 06 May - Wed 01 Jun i shall be joining you lot for the rest of your trip and meeting you in a hopefully sunny Rome ready to devour a pizza before heading off sailing.




I didn’t book any of these two :blush: I’ll go on the European escape, that is, I’ll meet your group in Venice, on may 23rd :smile:
Where are you from?


Hi Brad, myself and 3 others are booked on the Summer Fun & Sailing from 6th May - 1st June. Look forward to meet you!
Where are you from? We are all from the Gold Cosst, Australia :smile:


Hey all, im not as far from home as the gold coast ha, im a Brit from Hertfordshire just above London, tea and crumpets and all that jazz. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having an awesome trip across europe :smiley:.


Awesome Brad! Should be a great time!


:smile: Will you travel by yourself, Bradley?


Yep, not my first solo trip but first with a tour company, most of my mates are the sit on a beach for a week and relax type. Where as im a travel to every corner of the world and have adventures type :smiley:


That’s real nice!! This will be my first trip for another country, I’m really excited :blush:
I’ve always wanted to do a solo trip, and now I will! Hope to meet some new people and have very good experiences.