Summer Fun or European Pioneer?


Hey everyone,

I am looking at doing a European tour around August/September but I can’t decide!

I am really drawn to the Summer Fun and Sailing because I definitely want to experience the beautiful Greek coast but the European Pioneer offers a visit to Mykonos. I’m not sure whether to spend the time in Greece relaxing on a boat (even though the opportunities for singing the Lonely Island would be priceless) or partying in Mykonos.

Advice? Selling points?

The Pioneer tour visits more places but the Summer Fun has some really cool stuff - Slovenian caves, castle in Germany, etc.



I’m doing the summer fun and sailing on the 7th of september I’m doing it because it’s in Munich for octoberfest and it goes to all the places I want to see the Greece part of the trip is what sold it for me i can’t wait :slight_smile:


Munich for Oktoberfest might just be the decider! :slight_smile:


Haha I think u should go for it :slight_smile: u can alway do one next year


im doing summer fun also cuz of the sailing think it will be a mint experience im doing it on the 14th sep will also be in munich for octoberfest anyone doing it on the 14th???


i was deciding between the 2. I wanted to go to Berlin over Munich, mykonos over sailing (i’m not the sort of person who can just relax and not do much), and I liked the fact pioneer went to a few more places so I picked pioneer. I did really want to do the caves though…


Hey Steve, given that I can change my airfares, I’m going to be doing the summer fun and sailing tour on the 14th September :slight_smile: i don’t even like beer and Oktoberfest was the decider for me haha!!

Stephie, come on the summer fun for sure! Oktoberfest will be one to remember! Plus it will be pretty cool to be able to say we sailed boats around Greece!! (I wish it was going to Mykonos and santorini though!!!)


Yeah I agree, Munich for Oktoberfest was the thing that made me do Summer, Fun and Sailing :slight_smile:
Have you booked onto the September 14th departure now Holly? This is awesome, hopefully there will be a few of us in London before and after the tour…