Summer fun n Sailing Aug 06


Im consideirng doing the summer fun and Sailing tour inn Aug 06. The boats in the pictures look realy exposed, is there any shade on deck? Im realy fair and dont want to fry for 4 days.}:slight_smile:


I’m booked on the Summer Fun and Sailing tour departing August 6th. Judging by the photos on the website, I’d say you’re right about the boats being exposed. I’m also fair-skinned but I’m not concerned about getting burned. I just plan to apply plenty of sunblock while sailing.


Hi Roslyn, I am a tour leader with Topdeck and have just done a Summer Fun and Sailing trip. The yachts have canvas awnings at the back over the rear of the cabin where you all sit and relax outside, you can either have it up or down depending on how much shade/sun you want. Sunscreen is a must. We had an unreal time, the itinerary for the tour is great and all my passengers seemed to have an awesome time. Hope this helps!! Sarah ;D