Summer fun and sailing


anyone going on the summer fun and sailing trip 28th of june!?!..


sorry your a month ahead up us


I’m going! Absolutely can’t wait![br][br]I’m 23, from Melbourne and will be on my own. I’m planning to travel on after the tour around Europe for about two months.[br][br]Would love to hear from other people going! [br][br]:)[br][br]


cool! your around about the same age as us… well im 18 from brisbane and im going with two friends also from brisbane, an 18 year old guy and a 20 year old girl. This trip looks like heaps of fun… are u staying at the globes inn before hand?


Awesome! [br][br]Haven’t planned that far ahead yet! I’m still trying to sort out my flights. I’m hoping to get to London a couple of days before to get over any jetlag and see a few sights but it’ll depend on the best (cheapest!) flight i can get. I’ll most likely end up staying there![br][br]When do you guys arrive?


me and my friend tom arrive a couple days before the tour begins… so like you we were hopeing to see a bit of london before we head off… and my other friend shelley is probably going to be there before we get there … have you travelled much before?/ done a top deck before?


I booked my flight today. I’m arriving in London on the 26th at 6:30am… I think i’ll stay at Globetrotter for the next couple of nights just because it will be easier with the tour starting so early![br][br]This will be my first time to Europe. I haven’t travelled properly before. I’ve been to the US and seen a bit of Australia but only with the family when i was younger so it doesn’t count! [br][br]I’ve heard great things about Topdeck tours from friends so i’m really looking forward to it. Our tour is now fully booked!!


Any one going on the Summer fun and sailing tour that starts on the 3rd of May


anyone else coming… …???


I am coming…[br][br]Everyone should join my embarassing facebook event i made for this…[br][br][br][br]do it.


thats so cool!! lol[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Haha, thankyou!! :slight_smile: