Summer Fun and Sailing vs Grand European


Hi all[br][br]I am keen to book a big trip around Europe this year (hopefully there are spots still available!)[br][br]I have checked out the website and am torn between Summer Fun and Sailing and the Grand European.[br][br]If anyone has been on these previously, I would love any advice or recommendations. [br][br]Also, when is the best time is to go around Europe? [br][br]Thanks![br][br]Jen


Hi Jen[br][br]Im booked on the Summer Fun and Sailing on the 20th August. I chose this one because it goes to a few of the different Greek Islands and into Munich, the Rhine Valley and Dubrovnik (I did the European getaway 2 years ago so i wanted to go to different places than last time). [br][br]Around summer is definately the best ime to go, but i found going in August/September is less crowded - and the flights were cheaper! [br][br]The best thing i bought with me on my trip was a power board. when you are sharing a room with 3 other people and everyone is trying to charge their phones and cameras and ipods etc it takes sooooo long. i took this and everyone could charge all their stuff in an hour. [br][br]And dnt pack too much, i thought i had packed well last time (i only had 2/3 of a suitcase of stuff) and i still barely wore half of it!! [br][br]just let me know if you have any other questions :)[br][br]Nicola[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing 20th August 2010[br]Greek Island Hopper 18th September 2010


Hi Jen,[br][br]last year i did the Grand European and it was amazing! It all depends on what you want to do really! [br][br]If sailing is what you want to do then i suggest the summer fun and saling but if you really want to experience Europe then def Grand Euro! Plus if you still want to sail, once you get to Croatia you can hire a boat and chill out for the 3 days you are there :)[br][br]Not sure if it helps but thats my say :)[br][br]Grand European 2nd June 2009[br]


Hey Guys[br][br]Thanks for your advise![br][br]I am now thinking I may do the European Pioneer as it does Mykonos as well, but it’s such a big trip! Did you guys travel alone? I am, and am just worried that it is such a long time. Did you meet lots of people and make a lot of friends?[br][br]Any other tips are welcome![br][br]Thanks!


I went to Mykonos on a holiday once and it’s insane, definately worth a trip! Have fun![br][br]Chloe


Yeah I heard Mykonos is insane. Topdeck has a trip that goes to Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. Are these the best islands? I heard IOS is pretty good for a party?


Hey Jen,[br][br]I went by myself last time, but i had made friends with about 10 people from here on the forum and one of them started a group on facebook. it was great cos when i got there i knew people from day 1. but by the end of the trip you will have met amazing people and be really good friends. im still in touch with a lot of people from my trip and that was almost 2 years ago! [br][br]as for the greek islands, im booked on the greek island hopper tour on the 18th september and we go to all the islands that you mentioned. corfu is another amazing island (thats why im doing the summer fun trip so i can go there) [br][br]good luck with your decision!!! and seriously dont worry about going alone, there are so many people that are travelling by themselves and by the 2nd day of the trip you will feel like you’ve known all the people for a lifetime!