Summer Fun and Sailing Vs Grand European?


Summer Fun and Sailing Vs Grand European???[br][br]Which one did you think was better and why? [br]Where there many couples on your tour? And did they get ti share accommodation (even if it is with other couples)[br]Even though it is a Euro Club tour, did people still go out drinking or tried not to because they didn?t have much money?? (I have heard people stuck to the hostel because they couldn?t afford to go out drinking)[br][br]Thank you, we are looking at going next summer![br]:)[br]


I did summer fun n sailing. Haven’t done grand european so I don’t know the difference. I just booked it cos the dates added up.[br][br]Couples… there were a few. They got to share rooms unless it was one of those places where it was like 10 ppl per a room, then it was all the boys in one room, all the girls in the other. [br][br]Another tour we ran into at certain places were doing a eurohotel n the whole thing was couples except a few people. The couples on our tour preferred not being with heaps of other couples cos otherwise they would split off and do different things. ie all the boys drank beer and all the girls went shopping.[br][br]The whole group pretty much were drinkers n drank every night. Hardest part was waking up every morning n being hungover on the bus. :)[br][br]You can do whatever you want. Heaps of ppl didn’t do optionals and stayed at the accomodation or did other things. Definitely recommend SFS. Beware the overnight ferry to Greece. One of the lads got bitten badly by bed bugs.[br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza[br]Aug 19th - Aug 25th[br][br]Croatia Sailing Stoncica[br]Sep 5th - Sep 12th[br][br]Decker Oktoberfest[br]Sep 14th - Sep 21st