Summer Fun and Sailing Tour Age Ranges?


If you have taken the Summer Fun and Sailing Tour, can you tell me when you went and how old most of the people were on the tour? I’m planning on taking this tour during summer 2006 and just wondered if the age ranges of the people on the tour varied depending on when the tour departed. For example, tours with June departure dates had a lot of people aged 18 to 22 while tours in September had mostly people in their late 20s.[br][br]If you have signed up for a Summer Fun and Sailing Tour in 2006, let me know when you are going and your age. I’m not trying to avoid any particular age group…just curious about the age of people who take the Summer Fun and Sailing tour. Thanks.


Hey bob,[br][br]my cousin and are doing the 27th June tour…im 20 and she’ll be 19 when we go…when are u going? [br][br]ps has anyone else booked this far ahead?[br][br]Lisa


Hey Bob, [br][br]I m also booked in for the 27th of June trip and I am 19. It will be a good time.[br][br]Cya in June if your going[br]Toodles;D